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The National Canal Museum and Hugh Moore Park will be closed today, August 5, due to impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias. Please continue to check back here as we work with the City of Easton to ensure the safety of all of our guests.


History in pictures

National Canal Museum - A Photo Timeline of Industry & Canals

A Historic Timeline of the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

The Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, comprised on Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon and Luzerne counties in eastern Pennsylvania, is rich in history and culture that dates back hundreds of year. The Lehigh and Delaware canals played a very important role in shaping the area and forming it into what we know and see today. Below is a historic timeline showing the progression through the years.

Download the slideshow:

Canal Museum Timeline: 1727-1832 (12 MB)

Canal Museum Timeline: 1834-1869 (7 MB)

Canal Museum Timeline: 1875-1942 (9 MB)