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National Canal Museum Archives Collections List

National Canal Museum - National Canal Museum Archives Collections List

The National Canal Museum Archives contains an extensive collection of materials relating to the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, especially the rich industrial history of the Lehigh Valley.  Below is a listing of the collections, materials, and topics available through the archives.  Those with detailed finding aids are designated with a *.  If you would like more information on any collection or topic, have research questions, or would like to schedule a research appointment, please click here.

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  • Bethlehem Daily Times
    • Century Edition, 1900
    • Industrial Editions, 1982
  • Bethlehem Iron Company – Scientific American 1900
  • Bethlehem Review
  • Bethlehem Steel
    • Bethlehem Steel – Machine Shop Records
    • Bethlehem Steel – Annual Reports of the Chief of the Bureau of Construction
    • Bethlehem Steel – Blast Furnace Division
    • Bethlehem Steel – Board Minutes from 1895-1901, Photocopies
    • Bethlehem Steel – Books
    • Bethlehem Steel – Books – R.L. Lang
    • Bethlehem Steel – Broadsheet c. 1900
    • Bethlehem Steel – Burns Harbor Plant Materials
    • Bethlehem Steel – Business Ethics and Safety
    • Bethlehem Steel – Clarence Snyder Photo Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – Clarence Snyder, Oversized
    • Bethlehem Steel – Detroit River Bridge
    • Bethlehem Steel – Edward Sterner Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – End of Bethlehem Steel
    • Bethlehem Steel – Engineering Drawings
    • Bethlehem Steel – Floyd Kennedy Books
    • Bethlehem Steel – History
    • Bethlehem Steel – Homer Research Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – Information
    • Bethlehem Steel – Interim Report on the City of Bethlehem
    • Bethlehem Steel – Ivan M. Viest Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – John Fielding Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – Joseph Sharga Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – Launching of the SS Olympic Games
    • Bethlehem Steel – Loop Course Manuals
    • *Bethlehem Steel – Martin Schaeffer Collection
    • Bethlehem Steel – Metallurgic Division
    • Bethlehem Steel – Misc Materials
    • Bethlehem Steel – News Clippings
    • Bethlehem Steel – Oak Ridge
    • Bethlehem Steel – Photographs, General
    • Bethlehem Steel – Photographs, Presses and Items
    • Bethlehem Steel – Photo Albums, Bound
      • 1st Intercompany Rifle Match, Peking
      • Blowing Engine Safety Manual
      • Detroit River Bridge
      • Drop Forge Safety Manual
      • Eugene Gifford Grace
      • Flood of 1942
      • Guns and Armor Plate, 1904
      • Navy “E” Award
      • Repair of the Stockholm
      • Opening of the Mameratum Mining Company
      • SS Cabere
      • SS Olympic Games
      • USS Cleveland
    • Bethlehem Steel – Printed Materials
    • Bethlehem Steel – Product Brochures
    • Bethlehem Steel – Promotional Items
    • Bethlehem Steel – Public Affairs Department Records
    • Bethlehem Steel – Public Affairs Videos
    • Bethlehem Steel – Publications
    • *Bethlehem Steel – Quintus H. Rotzell, Jr.
    • Bethlehem Steel – Safety Posters and Pamphlets
    • Bethlehem Steel – Saucon Mills, John F Connor, Workers
    • Bethlehem Steel – Shipyard Records
    • Bethlehem Steel – Telephone Directories
    • Bethlehem Steel – US Navy Contracts
    • Bethlehem Steel – USS Maine – Cofferdam for Raising and Scuttling
  • Bound Thesis and Dissertations
  • Brayer, The.
  • Bristol Aviation and Shipbuilding

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  • C.P. Yoder Collection
  • Cambria Iron Company – Framed Portraits
  • Canal Currents Newsletters
  • Canal Photo Albums
  • Canal Society of Indiana Tour Booklets
  • Canal Symposium Proceedings
  • Carbon Democrat, Bound Copies, 1849-1852
  • Carolyn Cunningham Collection (Unpublished Research for Asa Packer Biography)
  • Chain Dam Collection
  • Charles M. Schwab Collection
    • Charles Schwab – “On the Hudson” materials
    • Charles Schwab – Andrew Carnegie Framed Correspondence
  • Coal Region Photos
  • Crane Iron Works Collection (See Empire Iron)

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  • R. Sillivan Collection (Sillivan Cement Company)
  • Delaware and Lehigh Corrider
  • Delaware and Raritan Canal Regulations
  • Delaware Canal Maps
  • Delaware Division Improvements
  • Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad Collection
  • Dixie Cup Collection

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  • Earl Bauman Fountain Hill Photo Collection
  • *Earl Heydinger Canal Collection
  • Easton Daily Express, Industrial Edition
  • Empire Steel and Iron Records – Skillman Family (See Crane Iron)
  • Eugene Grace – Biographical Materials

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  • Fairless Steel
  • Floyd Kennedy Collection
  • Frank Blasé Collection

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  • George Harvan Collection
    • George Harvan – From Thomas Dublin – Used in “When the Mines Closed”
    • George Harvan Prints

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  • HAER Study of Beth Forge
  • HAER Survey of the Lehigh Canal, 1979
  • Hugh Moore Park Photos, Harry Rinker

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  • Industrial Photo Collection
  • Iron Companies – Various – Photos

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  • Joseph Elliott Photo Collection
  • John Fritz Collection
  • *John Noble Photos
  • Johnstown Water Company Records
  • Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute

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  • Ken Bloom – Framed Copies (See Silk Industry)

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  • Lance Metz Collection
  • *Lehigh and New England Railroad
  • Lehigh Canal Restoration
  • Lehigh Coal and Navigation Collection
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Boat and Lock Plans, 1932
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Compensation Records
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Employment Records for Panther Valley Mine (Available on Ancestry.com)
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Lansford and LNE Repair Shops Photos
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Managers Portraits
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Records
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – Stock Certificates
    • Lehigh Coal and Navigation – W. Julian Parton
  • Lehigh County and Wyoming County Historical Society Proceedings
  • Lehigh Pioneer and Mauch Chunk Courier, Bound Copies, 1829-30
  • Lehigh Valley Coal Company Records
  • Lehigh Valley Railroad
    • Lehigh Valley Railroad – Annual Reports
    • Lehigh Valley Railroad – Charts
    • Lehigh Valley Railroad – Photo Collection
    • Lehigh Valley Railroad – Trainman’s Uniform, Hat, Buttons
  • Lock Haven Power & Light Company
  • Louis J.G. Buehler Collection

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  • Madesco Tackle-Block Company (Palmer County)
  • Maps of Bethlehem
  • McKelvey Trolley Photos
  • Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
  • Morris Canal Collection – Jim Lee

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  • National Canal Museum Collection
    • National Canal Museum – Hugh Moore Park Photos, 1970-2005
    • National Canal Museum – Records
    • National Canal Museum and Hugh Moore Park – Early Development
  • National Railway Bulletins – 1990s-2000s.
  • New York State Barge Canal

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  • Oral History Collection
  • Oxford Furnace Photos

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    • Panama Canal Collection
    • Penna Coal Company Photos
    • Pennsylvania Canal Society & Hugh Moore Park Canals Photo Collections
    • Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 1880-1890s
    • Pennsylvania Pump Corporation Collection
    • Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1930-1940
    • Photograph Collection (General)

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  • None

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  • Railroad Collection (General)
    • Railroad Photos
    • Railroad Stocks and Timetables, Misc.
  • Records of Iron/Steel Companies, Canals, Railroads, Mines (General)
  • Robert H. Sayre Collection

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  • Schuylkill Canal Lock Permits
  • Silk Industry Collection
    • Silk Industry – Ken Bloom Collection
    • Ken Bloom – Framed Copies
  • Society of Industrial Archaeology Journals and Conference Proceedings
  • Stereoscope Cards
    • Stereoscope Cards – Steers Photo Collection

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  • Tung Sol Lamp Works

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  • Valley Gazette, with Index
  • Vulcan Iron Works

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  • Warren Wilbur – Family Album and Portrait Photo
  • Wilbur Hoxie Collection
  • William Shank Canal Collection
  • William T. Richards Collection
  • Wilmot Richards – Wilmot Engineering
    • Photos and Slides

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  • None

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  • None

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