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National Canal Museum - Traffic on the Towpath:  When the Molly-Polly Chunker Mules met Bicycle Adventurer Lyman H. Bagg

Although fascinating, canal history remains one of the hidden stories of America's past. Yet canals were integral to the country's growth, providing the first long-distance "highways" that penetrated America's interior. Their importance was short-lived but came at a time when the United States was establishing itself as an industrial power. Without canals and their ability to transfer natural resources, manufactured products, and thousands of immigrants seeking a new life, America's transition from a farm-based economy to one based on heavy industry would have been delayed by several decades.

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The Shohola Train Wreck, 1864

Posted April 21, 2021 by Daphne Mayer

The Shohola Train Wreck, 1864
by NCM Historian Martha Capwell Fox

The anniversary last week of Lincoln’s assassination and funeral brings to mind other impacts of the…

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